10 November 2021 Idaho Society SAR Welcomes the following New Members to our SAR Family please give them a warm WELCOME !! 

Nathaniel Currier

Easton Currier

Miller Currier

(L to R) New Compatriot Inductee Thomas Row and State/Ft Boise Sec Jack Currier

August 28 New member inducted and welcomed as Compatriot Thomas Row


Top L window Compatriot Lucas and New Inductee John Hunt being sworn in by Top Middle Pres. Ellis and witness Top Right VP McCLain.  Bottom Right Compatriot John Ranck, Bottom Middle Sec. Jack Currier, and Bottom Right Compatriot Gregory Lucas

Left New Inductee John Maclain Hunt, III and Compatriot Gregory Lucas


Left : John Maclain Hunt, III being swarn in by President Ellis   Right Gregory Lucas Compatriot


Left New Inductee John Maclain Hunt, III and Compatriot Gregory Lucas pinning SAR Rosette to New Compatriot 


From left to right:  David Jenson (ID SAR), Catherine McClintick (State Regent, ID State Society, DAR), Susan Snodderley (Regent, Lieutenant George Farragut Chapter, ID DAR), Matthew Pickar (Historian, ID SAR), Stan Wills (State Vice Commander, WA SAR), Gregory Lucas (ID SAR).

7 July Induction and Welcome of New Compatriot John Maclain Hunt, III Remotely Sworn in by President Ellis Rail.

Randall Hudspeth being pinned by Secretary Jack Currier

Joel  Hudspeth being pinned by Secretary Jack Currier

Jesse Jones being pinned by Secretary Jack Currier

June 26 3 New members inducted and welcomed as Compatriots Randy Hudspeth, Joel Hudspeth and Jesse Jones 

May 22,  4 new members Compatriots Neil Uhrig, Randy Hudspeth, Steven Hudspeth, and Heath May (Photo Pending)

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.33.08 PM.png

New member Ronald Kern is administered the

SAR Oath by Vice President Ellis Rail.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.33.19 PM.png

President JD Poss  swore in new member Gary Lauer.  (L-R) JD Poss, Deb Lauer, Gary Lauer, Ellis Rail

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.33.29 PM.png

President JD Poss (L) swore in our newest members, Clay Hull (C) and Daniel Chadwick (R)