Idaho Society US Flag Certificate Program

The US Flag Certificate program was authorized in 1987, is presented to individuals, companies and government agencies that fly the United States flag for patriotic purposes only. It is not given to any commercial enterprises that obvisously flies it for advertising purposes. 

17 October 2021  Wayne Sonniksen received a Flag certificate presentated by Gregory Lucas.

Left: Gregory Lucas Right : Wayne Sonniksen

Left: Gregory Lucas Right :Wayne Sonniksen  

27 August 2021 Terri Maxwell, who received the certificate on her behalf and on behalf of her husband, David. Flag Certificate presented by Gregory Lucas 


“Terri said that David is faithful to bring the flag in during inclement weather, and to put the flag out in clear weather.  The flag is lighted, so it can stay out at night.  She also said that one of the conditions of their buying a home was that they had to be able to install a flagpole.” The flagpole controlled their buying decision.

These folks understand patriotism, and are worthy of honor.

(L to R) Terri Maxwell  being presented by Compatriot Gregory Lucas 

(L to R) Terri Maxwell and  Compatriot Gregory Lucas 

24 July 2021 US Flag Certificates awards presented to 2 Families for flying our Countries Flag Proudly  (presented by Compatriot Gregory Lucas

Gary and Richard and Jana Flores.jpg
Gregorg and.jpg

(L to R) Compatriot Gregory Lucas presenting to Richard and Jana Flores

(L to R) Compatriot Gregory Lucas presenting to Garry Wonacott

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(L to R) Compatriot Gregory Lucas presenting to Richard and Jana Flores in front View of their US Flag that the Flores's Fly with pride and respect