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16 Nov 2021 REVEL EAGLE Senior Living Center

10 Nov 2021 Caldwell Rotary Club (Caldwell Idaho) 

02 Oct 2021 Bri Retirement Center Meridian 

28 Aug 2021 Eagle Senior Center 

On Tuesday 16 November 2021  Sec. Jack Currier & Jesse Jones presented the Patriot Chest to the REVEL EAGLES Living Center. 

Sec Jack Currier was asked alot of questions by the audience, and he also told the history of Benedict Arnold and how he was really a hero, but ended up a zero

Left  : Sec Jack Currier Presenting to the Audience the Patriot Chest contents. 

Jesse Jones no photo of presenting did present the Weapons of the American Revolution for the 1st time 

Below: Sec Jack Currier Presenting Compatriot Jesse Jones his Father's Certificate of Membership to the Idaho Society SAR Ft. Boise Chapter posthumously. Compatriot John J Jones passed away in July 2008


VP McClain presenting to the Caldwell Rotary Club 

VP McClain presenting the Colonial Rifle

Left: Sec Jack Currier Right: VP Jim McClain

Sec Jack Currier answering questions from the Crowd of Rotary Members (Caldwell, ID) due Patriot Chest Presentation

Left VP Jim McClain and  Right: Sec Jack Currier in full Colonial Period Clothing finished with another very successful Patriot Chest Presentation.


Sec. Jack Currier Patriot Chest Presentation

Behind the Table answering audience questions are Sec Jack Currier Left (back facing) and VP Jim McClain (Right Backfacing) 

VP Jim McClain Presentation Patriot Chest  in Meridian 

Sec Jack Currier (Militia Uniform) after presentation question answering


Jack is presenting house hold items, VP Jim McClain will be presenting Era Clothing, and Historian Matt Pickar will be presenting Weapons in this Video